Justice Leila Seth Fellowship


“ A change in law can be brought about by a forward-thinking government; or by popular demand; or through social action litigation. The change in mindset, though, is a slower and more difficult process; and for this to take place education and openness are essential"

Justice Leila Seth (1930-2017)

The Justice Leila Seth Fellowship invites lawyers committed to social justice to be part of a community that works to preserve the rights and dignity of all people.

The Justice Leila Seth Fellowship draws together a cohort of lawyers to enhance their legal education in an environment that nurtures integrity, professional development, and network building. Selected Fellows join a wider movement committed to social justice while working at iProbono’s Delhi office on issues related to child protection and juvenile justice, with secondments to partner organisations in India. Fellows work full-time and are paid a competitive monthly salary.

In her long and remarkable career, Justice Leila Seth carved a legacy far greater than the sum of her many parts. She was a visionary not only in her approach to the law, but in all aspects of social justice. The first woman to top the Bar exam of England & Wales in 1958, the first woman judge in the Delhi High Court, and the first woman Chief Justice of a State High Court (Himachal Pradesh). Her chosen path was to bring the ideals of the Constitution of India to life. While Justice Seth believed in the power of legal literacy to raise rights awareness, she knew that the law is a springboard; it is people and movements that bring change.

The foundation of the Fellowship rests on the vision and strategy designed and implemented by  iProbono, which includes:

Strengthening the impact of civil society


Advancing justice for all by representing people in need


Advocating for policies that promote social equity and end discrimination


  • July 8, 2024

    Call for applications

  • July 28, 2024

    Submit the application including CV and cover letter

  • August 1, 2024

    First shortlist of candidates

  • August 5, 2024

    Round 1 interviews for shortlisted candidates will begin

  • August 9, 2024

    Second shortlist of candidates announced

  • August 12, 2024

    Round 2 virtual interview with the Selection Committee will begin

  • August 16, 2024

    Announcement of the Justice Leila Seth Fellows

  • September 2, 2024

    Start Date